Management Training

SCG’s Workplace Violence prevention  training for management helps leadership understand the considerations needed to prevent and plan for these situations.

Workplace Violence, Active Shooter/Active Assailant tragedies will impact a business financially and emotionally.  Any steps a business can take to prevent and reduce these harms will be both sound and smart business decisions. More importantly, it is the right thing to do to protect one’s employees and patrons.

Our Management training program address’s topics on;

  • Organizational Responsibility and Legal Considerations
  • Practical Plans, Policies & Procedures that can be easily implemented
  • Components of an Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Program hat can be easily implemented
  • Crisis Management Plan Essentials
  • Business Continuity Planning

After this program an organization will be knowledgable on:

  • Understand what the OSHA and legal exposures are an organization will face if an act of Workplace Violence or Active Shooter/Active Assailant situation occurs.
  • Management will understand the Incident Cycle and what actions are needed during each phase.
  • Management will have a firm understanding of the Project Management Process. They will be able to organize a team, develop, and implement their own organizational documents along with training.
  • Management will know what components should be in a Workplace Violence Procedure, Active Shooter/Active Assailant Procedure, and a Crisis Management Plan.

SCG has partnered with Bird Law Group and developed a White Paper outlining the legal liabilities regarding Workplace Violence and Active Shooters.

Active Shooter Legal White Paper