Active Shooter and Active Assailant  situations cannot be predicted, so preparation is critical.  Waiting ensures one thing, you won’t be prepared should an incident occur.  That is why SCG developed our unique training program called P.A.C.E.- Prepare, Action, Care, Evacuate.

It is important to realize that training needs to evolve.  Most training only focuses on Run – Hide – Fight and simply use the Active Shooter as the primary means of attack.  This limits our ability to properly plan and prepare for the worst case scenario.  We at SCG help train not just for an Active Shooter but also Active Assailants.   We help you prepare for assailant who use weapons of all types from firearms, vehicles, knives, and explosives.


During our 4 hour Active Shooter/Active Assailant training program we cover these topics;

Section 1 – Introduction

Why does every person need preparedness training
  1. Introduction
  2. Lessons Learned from previous events
  3. Evolving Tactics Techniques and Procedures of Active Shooters / Active Assailants
  4. Incident Cycle
  5. Incident Preparedness Paradigm


Section 2 – Prepare

How and what can we Prepare prior to an Active Shooter/Active Assailant event
  1. Mindset regarding the possibility of an Active Shooter/Active Assailant occurrence
  2. Motivation to survive
  3. Situation Awareness (in detail)
  4. Security Procedures
  5. Crisis Management Planning to respond to an Active Shooter/Active Assailant situation
  6. Access Control Procedures
  7. Training considerations
  8. Critical items needed to prevent and respond incident


Section 3 – Action 

What Actions do we take maximize our chance of survival

  1. OODA Loop, What is it and how does it affect everyone
  2. Run
  3. Hide
  4. Fight
  5. Use of a Personal Weapon and what considerations do you need to think about


Section 4 – Care*  

How to Care for those injured, and potentially save lives
  1. Self Aid, Buddy Aid, Medic Aid
  2. Trauma Kits (Professional)
  3. Trauma Kits (Improvised)
  4. CPR recommendation

*Upon successful completion of this section a certificate will be issued from the American College of Surgeons Committees On Trauma for the Bleeding Control Basic course


Section 5 – Evacuate  

How to properly Evacuate from an Active Shooter/Active Assailant event

  1. Run Considerations
  2. Evacuation Considerations
  3. Information for 911 needed
  4. When Law Enforcement arrives, what to expect




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